A 3 Ton Jack Stands is an adjustable height stand, usually made of aluminum, steel or a combination of both. Its primary use is to help support the weight of a vehicle once it’s been elevated, usually by using a car jack.

Jack stands are a vital safety measure you simply must take if you’re going to be jacking up your car and working under it.

When working under a vehicle, you cannot rely solely on your hydraulic jack to support the weight above you.

Jack stands are relatively inexpensive and they could literally save your life.

The regular jack that comes with your vehicle is usually a scissor jack. A scissor jack is purpose built to hold your vehicle in a relative sturdy and safe position, their mechanical nature means they rarely if ever fail. You should only use your scissor jack for changing a tire, never to work under your car. Always place the spare tire under the vehicle when changing your tire.

Hydraulic floor jacks on the other hand can and DO fail. In particular if your jack is old or warn or damaged, hydraulic fluid can leak, pressure can be lost and may ultimately lead to failure.

You can safe guard against any potential failure no matter how small the odds by preforming regular jack maintenance and ALWAYS using car Jack stands to support the weight of the car.

Adjustable jack stands usually come in two variety’s, ratchet jack stands, which as the name implies uses a ratchet mechanism to lift the stand to a certain height and the more common manual pin locking stands, which you lift to the desired height then place a pin through the appropriate hole in the jack stands shaft.

Some people prefer the pin mechanism as they feel it’s more secure and less likely to fail than a ratchet jack, but in the jack stands we use and recommend we have never had one fail yet.

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