General safety instructions 2 Ton Engine Crane

    Always read all usage and safety instructions of the hoist and make sure you understand every part of it. If something is unclear, contact the manufacturer of the hoist or ask to a certified store for help.
    Use hoist only for activities indicated by the manufacturer in hoists usage instruction.
    Hoist can be operated only by trained professionals.
    Inspect all technical aspects of an engine hoist such as the load limit, maximum and minimum lifting heights, length of adjustable boom and legs.
    Never use hoist for lifting loads heavier than allowed by the manufacturer.
    Engine lifters with adjustable boom have different allowed load limits for different adjustment positions. If boom gets extended the allowed lifting limit decreases. These limits are usually indicated on the side of the boom and in usage instructions of the hoist. Always take into account these lifting limits before lifting a load with the adjustable boom.
    Remember that a dynamic load can put a lot more weight on the lifter than a static load. Before lifting a dynamic load that can swing or wobble, count in an additional weight that the hoist will need to hold.
    Do not use an engine lifter under influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants.
    If working with extremely heavy loads, make sure there is another person to help you in case of any problems or accidents.
    Use proper clothing, while working with an engine hoist. Avoid wearing lose clothes, jewelry or other type of clothing or accessories that can interfere operation with the hoist.

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