The 2T Scissor Jack is one of the most common types of floor jacks made available. When people think of a car jack, the scissor jack is what they typically think of. That is because for the most basic car lifting needs, the scissor jack has the easiest set-up and use of the types of floor jacks. These are typically made available with your car.

The Scissor Jack 2 Ton are best used for roadside assistance like changing a flat tire. A scissor jack is known for its ability to lift the car with its scissor like mechanics. As you twist the lever, the jack lifts the car from its base.

Scissor automotive jacks are hand-operated, using long, self-locking jack screws to raise the vehicle. Although these jacks are simply designed, they are considered so sturdy and dependable that car manufacturers often include them with new cars, according to Yipengjack. The centrally located jack screw raises and lowers the scissor-shaped jack using either a tire iron or a specially designed tool. These jacks vary in size and weight-bearing capabilities, so care should be taken when purchasing one.

A scissor jack should be kept in your vehicle at all times. In fact, many new cars come equipped with this light, compact model and a spare tire. The jack's crank makes raising and lowering a car easy, and it gives you just enough power to change a flat tire.

    Standard lift capacity: 1.5 tons
    Standard lift height range: 3 - 15 in.
    Best for: Standard sedans and some light trucks