Long ram hydraulic jacks are engineered to be used most commonly with engine hoists, hydraulic cranes, and for mechanical, farm and automotive uses. They are great when you require extra long power strokes, with many people purchasing them as replacements for older, leaking units on transmission jacks.

With the 10 Ton Shop Press from yipengjack.com mounted to your workbench, small production and assembly jobs are a breeze! Installing and removing bearings, staking, pressing shafts and more are all done quickly and efficiently with minimal effort thanks to the 1 ton force applied by this mighty but small arbor press. Its all-metal construction combined with a large base make this arbor press sturdy and durable so you can power through a whole variety of applications! Even installation is easy with the mount holes conveniently built into the press. Just secure the tool to your workbench and you’re ready to go.

The yipengjack is a solid option- it is an eight ton hydraulic long ram jack that has a lifting range of 24.4 inches all the way up to 44.1 inches. The manufacturers describe it as an exceptional complement to lifting, cherry pickers or engine hoists, with users generally satisfied at how well it works, saying that it was an inexpensive alternative to purchasing a used long ramp jack from a local supplier.

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